VGPPRA1 Port Replicator A-Series


Price Paid: $228 CDN

Purchase at: eCost

4 USB ports, but then again you loose two on the laptop when you plug it in… so in reality, you only get one more!

NO Power Supply!!! Wow, Sony is really getting cheap. Go figure they even go as far as calling it a Business Port Replicator in some places. So add on the price of a power supply.

No extra firewire ports! Hello!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very satisfied with my A-Series VAIO laptop, but as far as accessories goes, they are horrible, don’t waste your money and time checking them out. First of all, all pictures of the port replicator on the various retail sites including Sony’s are actually pictures of the A/V Docking Station, so don’t get fooled by the retailers. You will not be getting a tuner, in/out audio/video, only out audio/video.

Also note that it appears to be impossible to purchase the A/V Docking station, I’ve searched everywhere and no one seems to have one. However all the reviews done on the net seem to mention that this is the port replicator, I guess at the end of the day, it only comes out to impressing the readers.

I learnt the hard way, I know not to buy any accessories from them. Just laptops as for that I’m satisfied with. Unless you need an extra USB port with a DVI port for a DVI monitor. But remember that depending on your needs, you will also have to add the a power supply unless you keep both the port replicator and power supply always at home… which doesn’t make it much of a portable in my opinion.


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