The Sony SAS-A50D


Price Paid: $315

Purchase at: Best Buy

Good Picture Quality

Digital out does not work (defect in design). Sony customer service requires product to be shipped in for repair. Unit freezes occasionally

This unit would be great if it lived up to its expectations. Sony advertises that it has digital out, but my unit does not work with my receiver (Yamaha). Sony knew about this but failed to disclose or stop shipping. Sony can fix but you have to send it in which s**** because then no satellite for 7-10 days. Additionally, the unit has a second tuner but its not functional. Jeez!

The unit also locks up occasionally which requires you to unplug the cord and let it cold boot. Outside of the problems, the Tivo portion is great, and the program guides can’t be beat. I will never buy another Sony product again after this mistreatment.


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