Price Paid: $1200/600

Purchase at: Eber Electronics – San Francisco

Built like Tanks
Great Quality
Many Discounted on Ebay

No 6 channel inputs for SACD
No DPL II decoding

Unlike Many owners of the TAE/TAN, I did not dump mine and am still very happy with the performance and quality.
I actually have 2 of the Amps which I run in the 2BTL+1 Mode.
I have had 1 small problem in over 5 years of operations which I consider to be emarkable. One of the amps would not come out of standby mode. I searched the internet and found the fix. A couple of hours later and $0.99 in parts I was up and running.
The TAE has more inputs than you can possibly ever use and even a AC3 RF demodualtor which is pretty rare.
I have seen some of these units on ebay go for almost nothing.
What an incredible way to get into a Preamp/Amp combo!
If you can find a TAP 9000ES; adding that unit would even give you SACD DVD-A capabilities and an excelent analog bypass mode.
A great way to go if you don’t have a lot of cash and want great quality.


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