Price Paid: $1600

Purchase at: Powerhouse

Build Quality, Decoding Features, 2Way Remote, Powerful Output and Sony Brand Name.

User Manual could be more expanatory in terms of the use of the eaqualiser, cross over frequencies etc.

When first set up the receiver sounds a tad forward and aggressive, however after 3 or 4 weeks running in the sound becomes smoother and more detailed. The machines flexibility is aparent from the first use and the attention to detail from Sony pays off handsomely. The Dolby Prologic II feature is very welcome as I prefer to listen to CDs in surround, the effects are consistent and pleasing to the ear, the amplifier is particularly good at producing a coherent deep base and pans sound from one speaker to the other with aplomb. The 5.1 channel inputs are biased to-wards SACD and the amplifier performs a wonderful job with SACD and DVD A.


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