STR-DE985 silver


Price Paid: $299

Purchase at: Frys

Lots of audio and Video connection options.
The Silver looks good.
The back connection layout is organized well, easy to make connections. Front Videao3 has S-video connection available, convinent hookup for a camcoder.
Was hesitant of the video connections, the DVD and Sat connections sound and look good.
Connected Bose speakers, sounds great.
DVD connected via CoAxial, wonderful.

Came with remote RM-PG411, remote is a bust, buttons are small and instruction manual instructions are confusing and incomplete.

They assume connections will be made by expersts. Have not been able to program any of my other componets, the Instructions do not give codes for a JVC DVD player.
For decent volume have to turn volume level up into the high 20’s and 30’s


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