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All current sound formats :- DTS ES Discrete, dts 96/24, DD-EX
Incredible Remote
Component video switching
2 Digital Coaxial Inputs (even though I use Optical)
A+B speaker switching.
2 way remote for CD info
Composite to SVideo conversion
3rd room (2nd room with Video and extra remote)
That little ES square on the front !

When you select A+B speakers, you get no surrounds 😐 What is Sony thinking – why cant the B speakers take the 6&7th amp channels from the Surround Rear speakers and leave me with 5.1 in the main room – ridiculous.
Cant turn off DPL off in Cinema Studio EX modes ?
Volume in 0.5 steps – I want to change it to 5db steps, it is a pain in the arse.
No front Optical Input like the newer Sony recievers

I recently got the STR-DA7ES from (USA) to bring to Australia.

OneCall are terrific (but wont ship overseas). I got an electrician mate to whip up a 120-240V transformer (only cost around $50US) which the 7ES plugs straight into. The remote (what a remote!) has it own power supply and also plgs into the same transformer.

The whole thing works perfectly – no worries with the Video switching (NTSC receiver) in any of the 3 formats. On Screen display has no worries. Sound is GREAT and doesnt seem effected at all by the power transfer.


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