Price Paid: $347.00(b4 shipping)

Purchase at: Reliable Audio(online)

Great build quality
HD capable component cable switching
Sound Field Links
Capable of fine adjustment for sound levels

Remote has too many buttons
Manual not the best I’ve ever seen
Should have gold plated contacts like rest of ES line
Tone Controls weak

I just got this receiver, even though I have been unable to find any reviews but one online. I upgraded from an STR-DE845, which has served me quite well for the last 2 years.

Just lifting this unit told me a lot. It’s heavy! Weighs in at 35lbs. As for its looks, it looks more expensive than it is. After hooking it up, I found the manual really not giving enough detail for the average user. I would think that there should be a section for just getting the general setup in step by step would be welcome by most first time users. Having been familiar with the STR-DE845, it was not a real problem for me to get the DA1ES set up.

The adjustments abound though when it came to setting up speaker levels and crossovers. I could now adjust in .5db increments on all speaker levels, crossover to my sub is now adjustable in 10Hz increments(a real plus for tuning in your sub). The front, center, and surround speakers can have their crossover points set differently as well. (They don’t lock the crossover the same across all the speakers.)

Playing of some of my favorite DVDs revealed that I could drive my system at my very loud (-26.0db on the volume control) with no sign of strain or distortion.

One area that needs to be fixed in the future is having Bass tone controls that only go down to 99Hz. The better solution would be to be able to go down to at least 40Hz. Since this is simply a programmable digital crossover, that really shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, this is only when listening to music. In movies, with the LFE channel, bass coming through the crossover is more than adequate.

Overall, I am very happy with this unit. If you are content like me to stay with a 5.1 system, I would heartily recommend this unit to anyone.


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