Price Paid: $2500

Purchase at: Sony Showcase, Lansing Mich

Nice, big picture, good feature set.

None noticed so far, though it does take about a minute to warm up before the picture comes to full brightness.

This is my first big screen TV. I’m still impressed by the big 42″ picture and really enjoy the nice split-screen feature. I was disappointed to get home and find the channel index feature (available on the demo model at the store) was missing, but I understand some improvements were also made. When you are in split screen mode (side-by-side pictures) the “Jump” button does nothing. I use a standard cable feed and an older DVD/VCR player and find the picture quality very good, except on some of the video tapes I recorded myself. DVD quality is excellent.

I find the side-by-side pictures work very well and the ability to resize the pictures is great (and very easy to use). This is great for Sunday football or other sports, where I want to keep my eye on two games. Sometimes I get a little color when bands of light are in the picture, something I believe is common with LCD sets, but I don’t find it objectionable. I’ve had it a little over two months and have had no problems.

Overall, my wife and I are very happy with this superb TV set. Perhaps I’ll take a warning from the previous reviews and purchase a backup tube, since I’d hate to be without this set working. I only wish I had a nice turntable for it so I could move it according to my position in the room. The image does not noticeably dim when I’m 45 degrees to the side, but I prefer a straight-on view. There is a huge darkening of the picture when I stand, though. Viewing it from above the top of the set should be avoided.

One warning about the remote. It is quite sensitive. I often brush against it or place papers or a magazine on top of it and get some unwanted reaction from the set. If the buttons suddenly stop working try pressing the “TV” button, you might have accidently put it into another mode.


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