Sony Wega XBR 450


Price Paid: $2100


Good looks, lots of features, beautiful picture, plenty of inputs/outputs

Extremely Heavy!

I tried to get a 400 model but most places have already sold out. I purchased the tv from for $2170.00, which included shipping. I’ve purchased other audio equipment from them like my Onkyo TX-DS989 receiver. The customer service has always been great, the prices are good, and if you’re a repeat customer, they give you even better deals. Since I’ve only had the tv for a week, I haven’t tested out all the numerous features, but so far I’m very impressed. The manual is easy to read, the remote is pretty decent, and you don’t need to be an engineer to understand how to use the on-screen menus. I’ve hooked up my DVD player, laserdisc player, and S-VHS VCR. The picture is simply beautiful, especially when using the DVD. I might just transform into a couch potato after all. When using cable, the picture isn’t so great, but I blame that on the cable reception and not the TV. It simply shows just how much cable sucks! The only negative thing I have to say about this tv is that its extremely heavy (235lbs) and living in a second floor apartment made things worse. I did have 3 guys helping though and we still got a good workout. Overall, if you want a great tv with lots of features, a great picture, and plenty of inputs/outputs, this is the one. I would also recommend that you buy a DVD player with progressive scan outputs. Sony has done it again!


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