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Great video, great stills. I heard that a digital camcorder would never replace a digital still camera, but this has proven that theory wrong. I have taken and printed many photos taken with this camcorder in both daylight, as well as using the built-in flash. Amazing.
From scale of 1 to 10, my Sony DSC-F505V receives a 9.
From scale of 1 to 10, this TRV50 receives an 8. Great stills.
The technology is also ahead of the crowd on this camcorder. There are features that I don’t even use because I don’t have a use for them YET. But I plan to put all of the features to use at one time. What sold me was the incredibly large 3.5″ LCD screen. This is very detailed, color, and can even be used in place of a television to watch the video you just recorded. It will not ‘replace’ a TV, but the color and precision is excellent on the LCD.
Another great feature on this camcorder is it’s touch sensored display. Although you can’t controll ALL of the menu items, most are available to change through simply touching the screen.
The zoom is touch sensitive. The more you press on the zoom lever, the faster the camcorder zooms. This can be good, and bad. It took a few recordings to get used to the touch of the zoom lever, but once you have it down, it’s nice to use.
The remote control is key, the lens is excellent, and the possibilities are really endless with this camera. This camera, combined with an Apple PowerBook G4, Final Cut Pro, a Sony Tri Pod, and the Sony 9 hour battery complete a totally mobile, digital studio for enhancing and sharing Digital Video.

There are a few weaknesses that I have noteced after having the camcorder for a month. The first is it’s size. Believe it or not, the TRV50 is too small for me. I do have large hands, but after holding the camcorder for only 5 minutes, my hand and wrist are sore! My fingers nearly wrap all the way around the top of the camera, and my the middle of my middle finger barely touches the zoom lever. Until I begin to feel comfortable using this digicam, I’ll have to put up with it.
I don’t like where the eject part of the camcorder is. It’s located on the bottom of the camcorder, and the entire bottom section opens up to release the MiniDV. I guess I won’t be using this as much as I think, and it’s the only place to put the MiniDV release.
I don’t know that I will ever use the BlueTooth technology that I paid for when I purchased the TRV50, but it’s nice to know it’s there, if anything useful to me ever comes up.

I hope this review will help potential buyers. This is a great camera. Despite my little experience with digital camcorders, I have done much research to finally purchase this camcorder. I have already professionally videotaped two graduations, and have come out with great video and compliments on both graduations. I purchased the optional zoom mic, and the Sony wireless mic, and have had nothing but success with both microphones.
I’m sure I haven’t included a ton of info on this camcorder. Please feel free to talk to me with any questions you might have.
~ Tim Plaster


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