Sony T68i + MCA-25 (camera) + HPM-10 (mp3 player)


Price Paid: $varies

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TriBand GSM

Accessories are expensive

Okay so it’s not entirely Sony but I thought it was about time someone should review this phone.

First off this phone is SMALL and very light weight. The color screen is a nice touch as well as the joystick. If you aren’t familiar with this setup, it is the same as with their digital cameras (you have to push in the center for enter, which maybe good or bad.)

Tri-Band GSM is excellent because it not only works in America (GSM 1900) but also around the world (GSM 900/1800) provided of course the phone is not network locked.

This being said you have world-wide texting (SMS) as well as MMS, multimedia texting allowing you to put music as well as video in your messages. Offer WAP 2.0 (wireless internet) through GPRS (High speed wireless).

To connect your phone to your computer you have the option of a data cable (serial OR usb), infrared, or even Bluetooth, which means other bluetooth devices can work with it as well.

The MCA-25 is the mobile camera that can be hooked up to the phone allowingyou to take pictures at VGA resolution. The only I wish it had was a flash. The pictures ar very small but hey a camera for your phone! You can save the pictures to the phone (provided you have enough memory) and send them through MMS or email.

The HPM-10 is the portable mp3 player that attaches to the phone. That’s right MP3. You save the mp3s onto a MMC card then insert the card into the adaptor on the phone. This is so cool. It pauses if you are listening to something while if a call comes in then resumes after it is done.

Added: January 15th 2003


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