Sony STR-DE875


Price Paid: $$400

Purchase at: Crutchfield

Back of unit well layed out.
SONY styling.

Manual SUCKS!
No Pre-Outs.
Speaker posts.

I purchased the Sony STR-DE875 in January of 2002 and I can honestly say that the difficulties I’ve had with this unit have been my own fault.

With that said, I can also attest to the fact that if the manual were more clearly written, my problems would have been considerably less.

Now that the system is up and running, I find it to be reliable, powerful and flexible, accepting inputs from a SONY XBR TV, SONY DVD Player, a powered JBL sub, JAMO center speaker and BOSE 901 speakers. You could say that my system is pretty eclectic, but it all hangs together well. The sound is full, detailed and has punch in all the right places.

Even though this particular unit is discontinued, I would buy another similar (or better) SONY receiver. Once you get passed the manual, and learn how to route the speaker wires to the BOTTOM of the speaker posts without loosening other cabling connections, you got it licked. And you will enjoy this unit for years to come.


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