Sony STR DE585


Price Paid: $£250

Purchase at: Sony Centre

Silver looks good, an adequate amount of audio and video hook ups, there are lots of them i dnt even use
Wonderful sound quality
Great amp for a mid price range

Uses spring speaker hookups
Needs more optical hook ups (only 2 avaliable)
Remote to primitive, but quaint

This amp is one of the best things i have ever brought, i mean you can just look at it and tell that it is great quality, the sound is wonderful and buying decent sets of wires (speakers, interconnects for cd and Md) it sounds even better, this amp has definately worked up to my expectations.
My advise, get either the de-585 or 686 and get some decent gold interconnects and some decent speaker wire and a set of floorstanders or surround floorstanders whatever, and youll be laughing

Im using Thor interconnects from My sound blaster audigy 2 to the amp £24.99 and thor interconnects from the cd and md player £50 FOR BOTH and my speaker wire i got £1.19 a metre.


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