Sony STR DE-885


Price Paid: $265.00

Purchase at: gearforless

Great Sound,Lots of hookup options, Lots of setup options if your into playing and testing.

No optical audio for dvd, Owners Manual, Remote

Just got this receiver about 3 weeks ago and I love it. The back is laid out nice there is plenty of options for audio and video hookup. I really like how you can setup all your speakers the way you like them. You may have to tweak this bad boy a little but once you get it right it’s “DA BOMB”. The no optical audio for the dvd is not to big of a deal because they give you a coax option and it works GREAT!!!! The Owners Manual stinks on ice just when they are really starting to tell you something they move on to another subject and leave you hanging not knowing for sure what to do. So if you are new to this type of reciever you might need some help setting it up. The remote is ok, but a little small for all the buttons that are on it. It’s nothing to bad though.



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