Sony SS-MB150H


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Great for Surround sound, Nano Tweeters

Very weak on the Bass

Compact and imminently affordable, Sony’s 2-way SS-MB150H bookshelf speakers are engineered to extract all of the detail that new high-resolution audio formats can provide. The speakers each employ a 5.25-inch Kevlar/HOP driver with a 1-inch Nano-Fine balanced-dome tweeter. Nano-Fine tweeters extend the speakers’ frequency response well beyond the 20 kHz limit of CD audio, all the way out to 50 kHz–perfect for today’s high-resolution music formats like Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio. The Nano-Fine design makes each tweeter extremely still and light–ideal properties for a tweeter. Use a single pair for stereo or buy 2 for use with surround sound listening.
The SS-MB150H’s ported (bass-reflex) cabinets let the drivers move more air, extending the speakers’ bass response down to a respectable, if not exactly “slamming,” 80 Hz. For home theater use or for fuller bass response, consider using the speakers in conjunction with a stand-alone powered subwoofer.

Sony’s speakers use precision crossover assemblies to ensure blending while recreating a seamless sound stage. Today’s high-resolution stereo and discrete surround formats can reproduce the same sound out of all speakers. If a variance in drivers, crossover, or materials occurs, the pitch and surround illusion can suffer. Sony speakers are designed using matching driver complements and crossovers to ensure blending from left to right and from front to rear.

The Kevlar fiber cone material offers an ideal mix of strength and low weight. Traditional driver materials must increase mass to provide greater amounts of rigidity, but these materials tend to be slow and inaccurate. Kevlar, combined with Sony’s HOP (Highly Oriented Polyolefin), delivers extremely high strength and low mass. This allows for high power handling (up to 120 watts per channel) and ideal frequency response. HOP is a proprietary speaker-cone material offering high strength, low weight, and low resonance, contributing to the speaker’s excellent transient response, high power handling, and flat frequency response.

The balanced-dome tweeter represents a Sony refinement of the classic dome tweeter, which places the voice coil inside the tweeter’s circumference for superb dispersion and reduced distortion than traditional tweeters.

The SS-MB150H speakers are magnetically shielded to allow distortion-free placement near TVs or computer monitors, and they come with 2 lengths (8.2 feet each) of speaker cable to simplify hookup with your integrated amplifier or surround receiver.

What’s in the Box
Two speakers, speaker cable (8.2 feet x 2 lengths), a user’s manual, and warranty information.

Product Description
Add astounding sound to your television and music entertainment with Sony’s SS-MB150H Book Shelf Speaker. Featuring a 5 1/4″ Improved H.O.P. Cone – Bass Driver, 1″ Nano-Fine Balanced Dome Tweeter, Sound Reproduction to 50 kHz (for High Resolution Audio), 120 Watts of Maximum Input Power, and a Frequency Range of 80Hz – 50kHz, this 2 Way, 2 Driver Book Shelf Speaker will enhance your home entertainment experience. Additional features included for your convenience are Push Type Speaker Connections, a Magnetic Shield, a Removable Grille Cloth, and a Speaker Cable. Listen to the difference the SS-MB150H makes.


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