Sony SS-CN550H Center Channel Speaker


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Why ditch your satisfying stereo speakers for tiny satellites just to enter the world of surround sound? With Sony’s SS-CN550H center-channel speaker, you can keep your left/right stereo speakers when you upgrade to a multichannel audio/video receiver. The SS-CN550H center speaker was designed to sit atop your television–either on a shelf or directly on the set–to supply critical dialogue, music, and other effects for your surround-sound DVDs or Dolby Pro Logic-encoded (4-channel) VHS cassettes or TV shows.
Most receivers will let you fold the left/right surround signals into your front left/right speakers, so you can build your surround system practically speaker-by-speaker just by adding the SS-CN550H to your existing system. (Or see all satellite speakers, as well.)

The speaker is a 2-way design and ported for strong bass response, using two 5.25-inch HOP drivers with a 1-inch Nano-Fine balanced-dome tweeter. HOP (Highly Oriented Polyolefin) is a proprietary Sony speaker-cone material offering high strength, low weight, and low resonance, resulting in excellent transient response, high power handling (up to 150 watts, maximum), and flat frequency response, which extends from 85 Hz all the way to 50,000 Hz, thanks in large part to the tweeter.

The balanced-dome tweeter represents a Sony refinement of the classic dome tweeter, which places the voice coil inside the tweeter’s circumference for superb dispersion and reduced distortion than traditional tweeters.

The SS-CN550H is magnetically shielded to prevent image distortion when placed on or near your television. It comes with adhesive rubber feet to stabilize the unit atop your television and a single length (8.2 feet) of speaker cable to simplify hookup with your AV receiver.

Product Description
The right Center Channel Speaker is crucial for a well-balanced home theater system. Select Sony’s SS-CN550H Center Channel Speaker to keep sound anchored to the on-screen action! You’ll enjoy the results as features like Improved HOP Dual 5 ?-inch Drivers with a 1-inch Tweeter, a Nano-Fine Balanced Dome Tweeter Rated to 50 kHz, 150-Watt Maximum Power Handling (Center), and 8 ohm Speaker Impedance work to provide the perfect blend of sound. Speaker Cables and Protective Feet are also included for convenience. For a seamless surround sound effect, add the SS-CN550H to your home theater ensemble.


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