Sony SLV-SE830


Price Paid: $125GBP

Purchase at: AMAZON

*Quiet Carriage Mechansim.
*Quiet Tape Transport.
*Fast Fwd/Rwd (approx 60 seconds for a E180).
*Virtually no sound noise on screen during ffwd/rrwd/slow/x2/pause.
*plenty of connectors for TV/Sat/Hifi.
*Not too badly priced.
*Clear LCD on VCR, can be read easily from a distance.
*Multibrand Remote – i like the fact i can control the TV and Video with the same remote.

*Menu system selection.
*Some buttons on remote are too small.
*Flimsy/Plasticky Carriage with not a great deal of positive feel when inserting a tape.
*Too Light, though some may see this as a strength
*Plastic underneath, thus slips around on the TV stand, would have prefered rubber feet.
*You can select teletext from the remote, while remote is set on Video Mode, but you can not enter page numbers until you select TV Mode – strange.

Well my VCR arrived yesterday and having a play with it, it is great. Easy to use and i love the multibrand remote, works with my 6 year old Sony TV (which is next for an ungrade – have not got a clue as to which model)

1 mistake i made was to use the 2nd SCART socket for the amp (worked fine with my AIWA ‘wedding present’ VCR) which then would not allow me to changed channels via the VCR – after about 10 minutes fiddling with the connections, i decided to use the phono sockets instead and hey, what’cha know, it works. Apart from the fiddly way the menu is accessed (sometimes you press OK, sometimes you press -> arrow to select a menu item )

Apart from a lack of some on screen dialogues, the performance is fine. Mechanism is quiet, but sometimes tape travel hiss can be heard, but this is ever so faint and i was actually listening out for it. Carriage seems flimsy and looks plasticky, but hey, these days, £125 ain’t got get me a great deal of metal. Tape rewind is quick!

I noticed the LCD is very clear and easy to read, unlike some that appear to have hazing around the digits, which makes it difficult to read from a distance.

Picture quality and sound all depends on cabling, TV and Hi-Fi.


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