Sony SAVS-700ED Speaker Package


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Amazing Clarity with massive range response.

Well its very hard to find a weakness but compatability with Digital Amps is its main one and you will have to tweak the sub woofers many times to get your perfect setup.

I tested this package with the Denon 2900 + STRDA5000ES.
The SAVS-700ED with SACD + DVD(A), I would personally say that it would stand up to speakers which cost 4 times the amount.The Clarity is breathtaking and for anyone who is into Multichanel Music, you should buy this package immiediately.The frequency ranges are extended and you will know about it when you play a SACD disc, trust me.

The built in Sub woofers do require a lot of Phase tweaking to get the proper result however, this can be annoying because DTS + DD can need individual tweaks to get the full force from the Subs and to stop it distorting. So to put it simple if you have your speakers set up for CD and get it spot on, when you play a DVD you might have to mess around with the levels to find perfection.
The Subs are listed as 20hz but I dont think they are as low as this.

Overall these speakers actually sound as good as they look (fantastic styling) and I would recommend these to any SERIOUS AV / Multichannel music audiophile.

Well done Sony.


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