Sony RM-V-600 Universal Remote


Price Paid: $25.00

Purchase at: Best Buy

Works all my electronics for my Home Theater set-up.
Macros pretty easy to set-up also!

No light up keypad!

This remote is awesome especially for the $25.00 I spent vs the $100.00 for the Harmony Remote which I had to spend 6 hours trying to program and talk with tech reps from Logitech ( I sent it back ).
This remote first off was so easy I actually was elated.. I was able to program my Sony STR-DE595 Receiver, JVC XV-65 DVD Player, Toshiba 27AF45 Tv, Scientifica Atlanta Cable Box, and My Audiovox XM Radio..It took me less than 2 hours and the System control buttons for the Macros were even easier!
My Wife is grateful, she hated not being able to hit one button and start everything for watching a dvd and now she can! Same gos for me
I love it! 5 stars!

Closing thoughts ( From Daniel Tonks )
Sony’s proud tradition of economical universal remotes that are actually usable continues with the very capable RM-VL600 at a price of only $29.95. And while I’ve always been a fan of products that do more while costing less, I can’t say that that the RM-VL600 is a completely successful upgrade over the RM-VL710, although truthfully that opinion is almost entirely due to the unusually high expectations imparted by that remote.
More devices, more macros, a larger code database and a better key layout are all great improvements, but attempting to deliver this at such a low price point has both impacted overall quality and continued to prevent certain much-needed features from being added, such as button backlighting. But with that said, in a market where price really is the most important factor this remote simply will not disappoint when held up against the currently-available competition.

The Sony RM-VL600 has managed to position itself at the top of the budget remote category by offering unprecedented power for the money – a perfect blend of capabilities for a bedroom system or more modest home theaters.

– Daniel Tonks (Remote Central)


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