Sony Receiver STR-DE1075


Price Paid: $395

Purchase at: Sears (internet price)

Loads of connections Digital and Analog, S-video and composite, 5.1 and 6.1 decoding with 6 amplifiers, Lots of adjustment for fine tuning sound. Learning remote

No connections for “B” speakers.

The Sony STR-DE1075 is impressive and I recommend it: It has power enough to fill an auditorium, 100 X 6 in Home Theatre mode and 100 X 2 in stereo mode. If you have a hard time making manual adjustments with frequency levels of a sound field as I do, it has numerous pre-programmed effects (27 total) from Cinema Studio Ex. A thru Games. This receiver is flexible and can take input signals from various devises because it can handle Dolby Digital, Dolby Prologic, DTS, 6.1 and 5.1 sensed automatically with A.F.D. selected. Of course, the receiver is only one part of a system but it is the heart of a compatible one. Take a look at my system to verify this statement.

Sony Receiver STR-DE1075

Front Speakers (A), CSW Tower III

Front Speakers (B), Sound Dynamics SS-I w/ext.speaker switch

Center, CSW Center Stage

Rear L&R, CSW Surround 5.1

Back Center, CSW MC300 Newton Series

Sub-woofer, JBL PB-10

Sony Wega TV KV-32FV16

DVD Video Player, Sony DVP-C650 5-Disc

VCR 1 (VHS), Sony SLV-779HF

CD Player, Sony CDP-CX235 200 Disc

Dish Network JVC 4900 Receiver Dolby Digital

In conclusion, if you want it all at a moderate price, you will not bedisappointed with the Sony STR-DE1075. I sit in awe during “The Gladiator”. My home experience is better than the movie theatre!


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