Sony Noise canceling Walkman-NW-S705F


Price Paid: $99

Purchase at: Myer

Noise canceling
Sound quality is of a high standard
Funky styling

No drag and drop

Included in the box is player MDR-NC022 (propriety variant of MDR-NC22),S,L eartips, extension cord,cradle insert, SonicStage 4.1.

Tested on: Mac mini for charging & Vista SP1 for transferring songs

jacket search, noise canceling, VPT & Clear Bass/stereo (former is limited in options compared to newer Walkman models), FM radio.

Optional accessories:
optional cable for recording from the device,bluetooth adaptor, cradle

This is a 2006 Walkman, so SonicStage is used for transferring songs to pre-late 2007 Walkmans, slow but generally easy to navigate and use.

As with many Sony and DAP’s today, there are several preloaded songs.

Bright OLED display with jacket display (album cover art, basically).

the player:
Is surrounded by a metal, top with a glass-like surface and the bottom with a smooth surface, where the hold and sound mode buttons are located.

A display/home button is on one of the sides.
Menus & music features:
Menu system is similar to Sony B100 or S200 series.

Playing music & playback modes
I like the ability to play only the recently transferred tracks and a “favorite 100” built-in playlist.

A interesting shuffle mode is called “intelligent shuffle” (same is present on A700/A800/S610 series).

Artist link shuffle is another mode:what it does is ramdonly selects a artist, then it looks for songs in a similar genere to the artist.

As with the A720/A820/A810/A800/S610 series, a Time Machine shuffling mode is present (random selection of year and begins o play a song from the year it chose).

Also a sports shuffle-basically a music timer is present.

FM presetting is rapid-and the tuner is quite good at picking up stations even when not outside.


Controls for next/previous is via a shuttle/jog dial (similar to S200 series), volume/play & stop button is on the face of the player .

Charging using the WM-PORT cable lets you charge for 3 mins, and you get 3hrs playback, it’s also used for syncing

Battery is rated for 50hrs playback.

Noise Cancelling & SQ
Noise Cancelling earphones-the MDR-NC022 are supplied which use a custom connection-a small prong & 3.5mm jack) to the S705F, one caveat: try using these on another player, won’t properly fit due to the connection design (but sound can still be heard)

These are EX monitor headphones-which are my favorite earphones and you can use the tips on other earphones too.

Unsual desiign-angled earpiece and large surrounding driver.

It’s activated via selecting the “NC” icon in the main menu, works with music and radio.

As it can be controlled via the advanced settings menu, you can change how sensitive the NC is, depending on the environment.

Custom EQ-2 editable, 5 band with an additional Sony’s “CLEAR BASS” sound tech option.

SQ-supreme sound, virtually distortion free.

Listened to Rolling Stones songs-extreme clarity with beautiful sound across all ranges.

A NW-E series sillicone case is used with the NW-S705F-it will just fit, all controls can be used.

For a Noise Canceling player, it’s worth tracking down a NW-S705F.

You’ll be impressed with the lovely sound quality and design.



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