Sony MHC-RV900D DVD mini hifi


Price Paid: $AUS 920

Purchase at: Bing Lee

DVD mini system with 5.0 or 5.1 sound (Dolby Digital/Pro Logic and DTS).
Sound is quite good.
Full logic tape deck.
Mp3 playback
3x video out (Component, S video, composite)
1 game input and an audio input
Optical digital out for MD recording.
Groove and V-Groove bass enhancement.
3 band graphic equaliser where you can set 3 of your own presets. There are already 12 prests pre-programmed in.

No surround features for anything other than DVDs.
Speakers could be better.
Tape deck recording for Normal position tapes only.
There are now better units available for similar or slightly higher prices.

This is a DVD home entertainment system with 5.0 sound and 5.1 capable with an added active subwoofer. It’s got all the main features of an audio/video system that you’d need. It has a built in Dolby Digital/Pro Logic and DTS decoder which is great for watching your favourite movies in surround.

Listening to stereo sources is also great with clear sound at all volume levels. There is also a double full logic tape deck and a tuner with 30 presets.

One of the reasons I chose this unit over other potentially better units at the time was because of the mp3 playback capabilities which some of the older models at the time lacked.

There are also many connections for optional components as seen above in the strengths section. There is also gamesync mixing which means you can mix game audio with a music CD while playing games. This way you can listen to your favourite music while playing games.

Despite having a surround features, the unit does not provide any form of surround when listening to stereo sources. There is a surround button, but that only creates a not-so-great surround effect from the front two channels. In short only DVDs can be watched in surround and only if they are encoded in Dolby Digital, DTS or Dolby Surround.

The speakers are also not the best. While they are adequet, if you listen to audio with a lot of bass and set the equaliser to the highest level of bass, they tend to give a clicking sound when you turn the volume up, which shows that the amplifier is more powerful than what the speakers can handle. However when the VACS (Variable Atennuation Control System) kicks in, it manages to stop distortion at high volume levels.

The tape deck can only record properly on Normal position tapes.

Not as good as some of the more expensive Sony DVD mini hifi systems.


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