Sony KV36XBR 450


Price Paid: $2199

Purchase at: The Wiz

Excellent performance with DVD’s. Very good array of features. Cinemotion works well. With some source material, one of the finest displays I’ve ever seen.

As others have stated, it’s really heavy. Also, the remote seems a little less responsive than the one I used previously with my KV32XBR 200.

I really like the set, but the one I purchased has a problem. There’s a faint green tint along the entire right side of the screen. It’s only visible when the background is white. I didn’t notice it until I used Video Essentials to adjust black level. The store sent a tech to degauss the unit, but there was no improvement. They’re replacing it tomorrow.

I have a feeling that this set is especially sensitive to signal source. Cable broadcasts vary more in quality than they did with my KV32XBR 200. My broadcast source is Time Warner’s DTV service in New York city. Sometimes, the broadcast quality is exremely good, other times, not so hot. I don’t think that’s a fault of the set. Time Warner has announced that they’re now offering set-top HDTV decoder boxes for NYC customers, so at some point I’ll be able to view HDTV broadcasts on the set. DVD performance, with high-quality material, is among the best I’ve ever seen. I’m rating the unit as excellent despite the problem I had because I can easily see what kind of performance it’s capable of delivering.


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