Sony KV-40XBR800 FD Trinitron WEGA


Price Paid: $2499

Purchase at: ABT Electronics

-Nice, Durable silver finish, with screen outline thats as shiny as glass (it looks really cool)
-Useful Fearures:
DVI-HDTV Input, with stereo audio input
2xComponent Video with stereo audio input HD Inputs
4xS and Composite A/V Inputs
2x30W SRS TruSurround Audio (with subwoofer)
It came with a free matching stand from Sony(it costs around $500 to get it seperatly, about the price of a 32″SDTV), however that deal started several days after i made the original purchase so i had to go back and argue with the salesperson even though it was before the 14 day return policy

-It weighs in excess of 300lbs thus making it the largest tube Sony ever manufactured for the public and it took two moovers an hour (and $200) to get it into my basement (although it is not wider than my standard 32″ doors)
-It barely fits into the recessed TV stand i have built into the wall, leaving no room to access the rear panel. My suggestion is to make the connections only once, and make them right
-All of the A/V inputs feel extremely flimsy compare to my 1989 model 27″ Trinitron…they dont make em like they used to. Once again, make the connections once and do it right.

Let me just start off by saying that this tv has an aspect ratio of 4:3. the most practical reason to purchase this tv is if you plan to wait to buy an HD digital set top box, satelite system, or so on. This could be for many reasons: at this point only the big networks broadcast hd signals, or it could be that HD equipment would cost around $1000 whether you chose digital satelite or off-air HD which isnt available everywhere, HDTV is soon going to be available through cable. The cable company wont make you purchase the equipment, but you have to rent it and it adds to your monthly bill. for the long term, this will cost a lot more than satellite or off-air HD.It goes for the same price as the 34″ 16:9 tv from sony. When it comes down to it the 40XBR800 beats any HDTV for displaying standard-def signals. The comparable 16:9 34″XBR actually has the same viewing area as the 40XBR800 displaying HD signals with letterboxing. Those of you who are first time HDTV buyers should go for the 40XBR800. If you plan to do a majority of watching DVDs, the you should get the 16:9 one and a progressive scan dvd player. If you still watch VHS or even Beta tapes, then my hat goes off to you, and you should get the 40XBR800. If you are buying a second or replacement HDTV then well, theres only one thing i can say: you are insane. there is no reasonable explanation unless you have the money, and a large family that wont sit down and watch at one TV or watch their movies and TV on your old TV while you enjoy the new one. If you are buying a second HDTV, you should see a doctor. And finally in closing, i cant compare my 40XBR800 to anything but my 27″ 1989 Trinitron, but i think its a good entry level HDTV for those hesitant to immediately get an HDTV reception system.


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