Sony KV-32FS100


Price Paid: $800.00

Purchase at: Best Buy

Easy to setup, excellent resolution and picture clarity using component video with DVD. I was hypnotized first night. Good integrated simulated “surround” sound.

Widescreen format with DVD produces a slight funhouse effect. Wife can’t see it, but my trained eye can. Being a perfectionist, I’m somewhat bothered that on a $800.00 TV this is even an issue. I’ve always had great luck with Sony in the past. Glad I bought the vendor 4 year extended warranty on this TV just in case. I still haven’t decided if I should return the TV for an exchange and/or go with the Toshiba 32AF42, although I feel the Sony KV-32FS100 has more features.

I’ve only had the TV for two days. I’m happy with all of the features on the television except for the slight funhouse effects with widescreen formats.

I have a 20 year old Sony projection TV that still works as well as the day it was bought. In fact, every Sony product I’ve ever bought still works. Not one Sony product I have purchased over the past 20 years has issues, except for the new flat screen. The vendor even steered me towards the Toshiba, but based on my past with Sony, I stuck to my guns. Some reviews of this TV on other sites have been less than stellar. I just hope I won’t end up regretting my decision…


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