Sony KP-65WV700 65


Price Paid: $3600

Purchase at: Futureshop

– 65″ 16:9 HDTV
– 7 Inputs
– Sharp image quality
– 81 Convergence points
– Anti Burn-In technology
– Better than average viewing angle
– Memory Stick slot
– Ergonomic Remote
– On Wheels
– Stylish cabinet design/screen protector

– 20Watt Speakers
– Silver cabinet may not match your decor
– Upscales 720p -> 1080i
– Max Memory Stick capacity = 128MB
– Top of cabinet is too narrow for most center speakers
– Not enough input labels (no custom entry)

After much searching, I decided to go the traditional RPTV route, rather than pay for Plasma/LCD/FPTV. Plasma & LCD are Definitely contrary to the ‘best bang for the buck’ theory. I wanted big, but not FPTV big (plus my living room isn’t always ‘sunlight proof.’ So the Sony 65″ RPTV was the way to go for me. As with all big RPTV, this sucker is HUGE. So make sure you can even get it in your house! I had to get them to deliver it through the back alley, where they had to take apart part of the wooden gate to fit the box through (it was raining, so we didn’t want to take it out of th box yet), then I had previously removed the railing from the stairs going down (lucky I did, there would have been no way it could have gotten down the stairs, even out of box), and we went in through the sliding patio door (which I took off the end stopper and handle, so that the glass door could slide ALL the way back, giving us about 1″ extra on either side). Anyways, once everything was hooked up, I was totally blown away. I hooked up my Panasonic DVD-RP82 via component cables, and set it to progressive scan output. My DVDs have never looked so good! The colours were so vibrant, the images were so sharp, the blacks were as black as midnight. Lots of tweaks for you to calibrate the display to your liking. Lots of imputs (in case you don’t have enough on your receiver). I really like using the joystick on the remote to navigate through the on screen display. Physically, the screen protector design is really innovative and stylish, making the front of the TV virtually flat, without the typical border around the screen. The front input is very innovatively hidden too. Plus the memory stick option is great for viewing slideshows of your digicam pics (else you can always get a cheap USB memory stick reader for your computer and just copy files to it, and load them up on the TV). Anyways, I could go on forever. Email me for more details!


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