Sony KDF-60 XBR 950


Price Paid: $5500

Purchase at: CC

Bright, sharp picture. Wonderful to use in a bright living room.
Great looking set, very sleek looking.
Built in HD tuner works very well on OTA digital stations.

Doesn’t always turn on (lamp issues).
Blacks aren’t totally black.
Video modes are limiting with Vivid, Standard, Pro.
Twinview doesn’t work too well versus p n p features on other tv’s.
Remote is weak versus other’s. I like the sharp remotes better, especially to select favorites.

I bought my tv back in November, right before Thanksgiving. Frankly, I was in TV heaven for about a week. The screen was sharp, the picture was bright. What more could you ask for? How about asking the TV to consistently turn on! My first scare came when the tv wouldn’t turn on 2 days before thanksgiving(big party). Thankfully the set came back on after I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Since then, the set has only failed twice, but it’s very sporadic. It usually buzzes a bit, but that’s sporadic too. I usually only turn on my tv once a day for fear of stressing it.

Like I said to begin with, the picture is great. It probably has the best looking 60 inch picture you can buy for under 6k.

There are some nagging issues however. For a flag ship model, it would have been nice to have the video settings set per source, rather than just having 3 modes. I usually watch HD in vivid and DVD’s in pro. Regular analog shows are usually watched in standard (I tweaked the DRC a bit).

The contrast on the tv is just fine. The black levels aren’t jet black, but it’s more than enough to satisfy me. It’s also very tweakable, so you can go even darker if you are willing to sacrifice some detail.

The dvd’s play great. The picture is easily comparable to a movie theater like picture. I like to watch my movies with lights off and pro mode does the trick.

The HD output is totally fantastic, it really gives you the jaw dropping picture that you are buying an HDTV for. Watching football has never been so fun!

The TV would get a 4.5 if it wasn’t for the lamp issues. As it stands I’ll give it a 3.


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