Sony HT-V600DP Home Theater System


Price Paid: $349.00

Purchase at: Navy Exchange

This system is priced right and gives good value. It is an excellent system for those who will use it primarily for watching DVDs. The sound from the speakers is impressive to a new home theater user.

There are some shortcomings in features and flexibility. So far, I have found one significant problem with this unit:
#1–When programming the VCR to record a timer TV show, the speakers cannot be set to mute once timer recording begins. One must manually mute or lower the volume after the timer has started. This is particularly bothersome late at night (when I’m in bed) or when not at home, and also if you desire to tape one program and watch another.
#2–With my particular TV (Sony KV-27S42), I cannot use an S-video cable even though there is a jack on the TV and combo unit. Video does not go to the TV when the S-video cable is connected (only the DVD works). The S-video cable must be disconnected when viewing a VHS tape or watching TV through the combo unit.
If anyone has a solution to this problem, I would be most appreciative if you would e-mail it to me.

This is my first home theater system. The system includes a combination DVD/VCR/receiver (all-in-one) unit, two small front speakers, two small rear speakers, a medium center speaker, and a large woofer, and speaker wires. Wall brackets for the speakers are not included. Also included are standard RCA audio cables, a yellow video cable, one RF (coax) cable, and an AM and FM antenna. Assembly is straight forward.

BOTTOM LINE: I recommend this system if you do not do much VCR taping.


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