Sony Grand Wega KF-60DX100


Price Paid: $8000

Purchase at: Sony Store

Slim profile, light weight, even light distribution.

No RGB inputs, limited number of video formats. No setop box considering the price tag.

I got Grand Wega a couple of weeks ago; and yes, I tried to do my research before I paid 8K. One, there are only a limited reviews out there, second, stores that carry the television (including the Sony Store) are unaware of the displays capabilities and its limitations.

Display: As most of you know that the resolution is 1366X768 pixels. The marketing information on the display states that Grand Wega is compatable with 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i.

This is what I have found so far:

1. Grand Wega only displays either 480p or 1080i. If you feed a 720p signal, it down converts to 480p (according to the user manual), and yes you do see the scan lines, quite annoying I must admit.

2. After stopping by the Sony store and talking to the technical consultant, I was told that no matter what signal format you feed the display, Grand Wega translates every format to 1366X768 (I am guessing that it is using the DRC).

3. Sony consultant demonstrated Grand Wega with a 1080i signal and again I saw the scan lines.

Conclusion: No one knows yet, I am still searching for an answer.

Another attribute of the LCD displays is that lack of darks as compared to the CRT displays. Grand Wega does suffer from this condition, greys are visible especially in a dark room environment.

Sound: Don’t know much about it since I am using external power amp and preamp for sound.

I hope this helps those of you who are looking for some information on Grand Wega.


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