Sony DVP-NS575P


Price Paid: $AU189

Purchase at: 19/04/2004

Plays nearly anything, according to the manual.
Very thin design.
Good menu design.

Doesn’t support playback of MPEG video files.
JPEG playback seems to assume 4:3 aspect, so if you have a slide show, it will be stretched. I haven’t investigated this any further.
It’s a little slow from turn on to playback.

The product address I’ve given is for the 575B
The Sony site doesn’t appear to have a link for the P version, but I’m guessing it’s just the black case instead of the silver one.

The P in the model name is for Progressive Scan. I don’t have PS Television, so I can’t comment on this aspect.

I bought this player because my second hand Philips finally started to have problems with a few DVD’s, I think due to heat stress (I live in Perth, Australia, and my place has no insulation). So I got a nice player.

This is my other post about this player. I’ve played several rentals on it, and a fair amount of audio, both mp3 and CD Audio, and it’s been great.

The time taken to start playing disks is longer than I’m used to, I would estimate being about 5 seconds to work out what kind of disk has been loaded.

So far I’ve been happy with the unit – I’ve taken out an extended warranty for it, given it cost just enough that I don’t consider it a consumable, so in the event of a failure I can ensure it’s upkeep over the next 5 years.


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