Sony DVP-NS50P


Price Paid: $79.99

Purchase at: SonyStyle in “Mall at Millenia,” Orlando, FL.

Picture quality.
Build quality.
Asthetic looks.
Available in black or silver.
Remote control layout.
Quick layer change.

Average load time for discs.
Layer change quick, but not seamless.

Black models are limited in availability (the SonyStyle store was the only non-online source for black models) as almost all stores only carry the silver model.

I had purchased this specific model to replace my Sony DVP-S360 because it had good performance and it also came in black (a silver model is available). Although, I would’ve went with a silver Pioneer player except….

I was originally considering the Pioneer DV-578A-S as it supposedly had seamless layer changes, according to’s DVD benchmarks. A test of the player’s layer change capability at a Tweeter store, however, changed all that as the player still exhibited the layer change pause (although the layer change was extremely quick, it was still noticeable) with test discs that I had brought with me which lasted in duration similar to that of the DVP-NS50P and newer revisions of its predecessor, the DVP-NS575P. (Older revisions of the DVP-NS575P had seamless layer changes, but later revisions do not.)

Because of the layer change issue, I went ahead and purchased the Sony DVP-NS50P. Besides having similar quality and performance to the Pioneer DV-578A-S, it’s appearance was much better and the fact that I was able to get a black model meant getting a player that went along with the other black components comprising the rest of my system.

Performance, at least for interlaced displays, is fairly similar to the DVP-NS775 since virtually the same video section is used in both players. I am unable to observe its capabilities as a progressive player as I do not have an HDTV display yet. Despite this, video performance is very good. Good definition with maybe only a small hint of edge enhancement. Color is good, although there was some “haloing” perhaps due to a Y/C delay. But, all in all, stellar performance considering that this is the lowest end DVD player available from Sony.

The player takes a little more time to read a disc than I was used to with my old Sony DVP-S360. But, when the disc was loaded, command response from the remote commander and the front panel controls was a bit faster than my old DVD player.

The capability to read multiple types of discs, including recordables, is a feature that comes in handy considering that the DVP-S360 is not able to read recordable discs (it could read CD-RW and DVD-R discs, though).

Sound quality is not an attribute that I am testing in this player as it is connected digitally to my Sony STR-DA4ES. It also isn’t being used as an audio CD player as my Sony CDP-X229ES is allocated for that specific duty.

Overall, this is a very fine value of a DVD player. There are a few things that could’ve been improved but you can’t really complain given the pricepoint. It’s a good performer and has an appearance that makes it an asthetic alternative to some of the ugly players that the competition is churning out these days. (For instance, the successor to the Pioneer DV-578A-S, the DV-588A, is a step-down in asthetics; it is a butt-ugly player compared to the DV-578A, much less the Sony DVP-NS50P!) – Reinhart


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