Sony DVP-CX875P


Price Paid: $499.95

Purchase at: Showcase Home Entertainment

Holds 301 DVD/CD/VCD/MP3 media.
Progressive Scan
GUI Menu Interface

Cannot turn-off auto-play even though it is an option.
Some users have problems with ‘double-stuffing’.
Menu System is clunky at best.

I purchased a Sony DVP-CX875P because I have WAY too many DVDs and I like to watch so many, but hate having to look through my racks to find one. So I bought this, hoping to solve all my problems.

So far, the unit works like a DVD player (albeit one with Sony quirks) and it works well. There really is nothing to complain about with playback and initial set-up. The real problems come when you attempt to use the units advanced features.

The biggest complaint I have about this unit (and from reading the forums Sony has no clue) is the Auto-Play feature. What this does, is when the unit is powered on, it looks in the EZ CD Slot (The +1 Slot) and attempts to load the CD and automatically start playback. If there is nothing in the EZ Slot it looks at the lowest number slot and auto-plays that disc. The complaint comes with the fact that by DEFAULT, the unit has Auto-Play set to OFF, but it still auto-plays. Someone posted on the forums that Sony says this is a feature, not a bug, and that ALL DVD players do this. Strange, I think, since my Pioneer 5-disc changer only does this when the tray is opened then closed. Simply powering the unit on does NOT auto-play any of my DVDs.

Second is the menu feature that allows you ‘quick’ access to your disc library. Quick is a relative term. Depending on how much information you want on each disc determines how ‘quick’ your Library loads. Out of 261 DVDs I slapped into the machine, it was able to populate less than half. Now remember, this is NOT a problem with the unit, it is the MEDIA manufacturers fault for being lazy. 🙂

However, if you go and title all of your movies, you will stay quick. It is when you assign Genre labels or Jacket Pictures that things get bad. There is no paging function. You can scroll one line at a time, or you can hold it down to scroll fast. Scrolling one line at a time is fine if you only have titles. But add genres (which assign generic Jacket Pics) or your own Jacket Pics things slow down immensely. You cannot scroll again until ALL the Jacket Pics load. Granted you can hold down the button to scroll, but after a couple seconds, the titles, pics, and genres disappear while it power scrolls through your library.

Finally, some users have reported ‘double-stuffing’ by the unit. I have not had this problem, and I have heard a couple explanations of it. Basically a ‘double-stuff’ is when you are changing discs and the unit attempts to put the disc into a slot that is already occupied rather than into its original slot. I have heard this is due to odd powering off procedures, but I have also heard of people who simply have the issue when they choose a new disc.

Overall the unit is great. It can flip double-sided discs so you do not have to get up and do it yourself. If you can deal with the slowdown, you can find any movie you want to watch (provided it found the info or you added it manually).

All in all, I do recommend it…But I would hope Sony would get a clue and learn how to make a player with less ‘features’ that are simply unwarranted due to bad design.


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