sony davc770


Price Paid: $500

Purchase at: empiredirect

a very good lifestyle choice for those who want a good quality system but need something that is elegant. By this i mean good features (eg component.. s-video etc out) and a slim unobtrusive system. if your living room is well coordinating, a lot of us don’t want the stereo and tv stack to take over the room.. this is slim, well designed and the little speakers pack a great punch. in fact the speakers a so elegant themselves that even perched on a coffee table either side if the sofa, people do not see them. it is flexible and easy to use also, with endless permutations to suit your tv system. Supports multiple formats as well.

unfortunately there is no scart socket on the back which means using your component out sockets to a scart tv is a real hadache.. no matter the s-video definition is stunning

simple, elegant and your girlfriend will not have to berate you over your system taking over the living room

i think the best thing to do is to combine this with a philips pixel plus tv which knocks the sony drc on its back every time


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