Sony DAV-S800


Price Paid: $1800

Purchase at: Sony reseller

– nice design
– small
– boxes on stands
– easy to install
– easy to use
– good sound quality

– some noise when turned off or playing silently
– left front box that stops playing after a while
– it get’s REALLY hot after playing several hours (can’t put my
hand on top of it)
– the remote should have a backlight or another color (you
don’t see the characters on it very good when it’s dark)

I have bought this thing 2 years ago. One week after the warranty was past my left box stopped playing after a while.
When you turn it on, everything works fine, but after a while it just stops. When I put a pressure on the backpanel of the back (where the boxes go in) the sound returns.

I never have it when I watch a DVD, only while playing the radio, connecting my mp3 player to it and watching TV.

A lot of people here in Belgium and Holland have that problem, but Sony does not respond when we send a letter to them.
According to most people it could be a production fault but Sony does not reply.

Some people have given their device back to the store to repair, they send it to Sony what costs A LOT of money (135$) to get it repaired, but after a while the same problem is back again.

If someone knows the solution to this, please feel free to email me at

(in the related link section, there is a link to the dutch review site where there are a lot of people who have this problem)



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