Sony Cyber Shot DSC-P50


Price Paid: $289

Purchase at: Best Buy

Clear, sharp photos; nice 6X digital zoom; great macro for close-ups; numerous photo formats and control options; easy-to-use software.

Drains batteries like water; includes a small-capacity 4MB Memory Stick; viewfinder gives no exposure information; inaccurate colors in soft light.

“Cnet’s review is right and WRONG.”

First off, this is an excellent camera if you want to go digital, but you WILL need to buy more accessories for this camera. It is bare bones in this dept., but the camera itself is hands down (so far) good for entry level. I got this for Father’s day 2001 and is my 1st digital camera. Set up was easy/quick and the manual explains ALL of the cameras features. I was disappionted with the 4mb memory and that it didn’t come with rechargable batteries or charger, but for the price it get’s you into 2.1m with a camera that has more options than other 2.1’s out there . As with ALL digital cameras it will go thru batteries quicker than CNET’s attention span, but you have to know that when you’re going digital. NO digital camera review I’ve read gives rave reviews about saving battery life, NONE. So CNET, please quit your colorful battery analogies until they make a solar powered digital camera or one that runs from your reviewers hot air. So I bought the Sony rechargable battery, actually I bought the starter kit, which comes with battery AND charger and a great camera case. The Sony battery will display on the LCD, in minutes, how much time you have left before they die. What CNET forgot to mention was if you’re near the end of your rechargables life you can swap in regular AA’s and keep on taking pictures, but at 81 minutes (fully charged) with the LCD ON (even longer off) I’ve gone a whole day without a worry. The battery time also adjusts; say you change from taking pictures to reviewing the pictures you’ve just taken. Battery time/life jumps up when you change to the review mode. Battery life was fine on vacation. Going to the top of MT. Washington and back taking pictures ALL the way, from morning till night. If you buy this camera Sony gives you $20 towards a purhase of selected sony camera extras. I got the 8mb stick for free (not incl. shipping), but there were other items (UV lenses) that I could have gotten (FOR FREE or close to), but you have to pay for shipping. After that I went out and bought a 64mb stick, there’s plenty of places to buy one at a real low price. CNET found problems with picture quality and I’ve had a few, maybe 5 out of 500 pictures taken. Try taking a picture in total darkness, you can with this camera, the flash works fine even in LOW light. I’ve taken this camera to Six Flags, mountains, County fairs, amusement parks, on a boat, in bright skies, overcast, dawn, dusk or in pitch black and I have taken great pictures. Even pictures that I thought looked bad came out great when I changed to review mode. There’s plenty of settings from the highest quality to e-mail size shots you can take with this camera. CNET forgot to mention you can also do MGPEG’s (without sound), but hey I guess you have to READ the manual for that information. Actually, there’s more options and features that CNET didn’t list. I think CNET needs to learn how to READ instructions before reviewing products because this camera deserves better than a 6. I know, I’ve read the manual, oh yeah, that wou


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