Sony Cyber Shot DSC-F707


Price Paid: $890

Purchase at: Best Buy


While it may look like a subtle update to its predecessor, the enriched DSC-F707 blows away the 3-megapixel F505V with 5 megapixels of resolution. Though 3 megapixels might suffice for most consumers, if you’re likely to need to print 11×17 prints, you’re in luck, thanks to the new 2/3-inch CCD size (as opposed to the former 1/2-inch size) with a maximum resolution of 2,560×1,920.

Should have 10x

“Great camera! Highly recommended.”

Just got the 707. I was worried the hype was overrating the camera, but this turns out not to be the case; this is a very fine camera at a reasonable price. The high resolution (5 megapixel), low aperture setting (f2.0), and the high optical zoom (5x) give you a lot of room to experiment with and take pictures under a variety of conditions. I am also amazed at the battery life — The first day I took 100 or so pictures, zoomed and focused constantly, and had the camera on for more than an hour; this used up less than half the battery. One downside is the 16MB memory stick that comes with the camera; definitely get at least a 64 or 128MB stick, preferably at the same time you get the camera. Ali


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