Sony Cineza VPL-HS3


Price Paid: $1300

Purchase at: Vann’s

Picture quality, ease of use

Lamp life

Everything was fine until about 6 monts after installation, the lamp would not turn on. I tried to open the lamp cover, did not see any thing wrong with the lamp, so closed it and turned it on and it worked…. this happend about 3-4 times and finally, the lamp did not turn on at all. I ordered a replacement in the mean time (got it after about 10-14 days, cost $200) and the projector was working fine…. tilll….
…. just yesterday I experienced the same problem again!! The lamps are expensive (about $200) and are in scarce (the dealer I ordered previously does not have it in stock!) I have informed Sony about it and waiting to hear from them! Any users having similar problems and/or any suggestions???


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