Re-review of 32FS13


Price Paid: $899.99

Purchase at: Circuit City

Great Clarity
Good color after some service menu tweaks
Great menu’s
Very User Friendly

Geometry problems are obviously not an uncommon thing on any flat screen TV, thankfully this set, after returning two others, has nearly perfect geometry.

It has been a real adventure buying a Television, I have purchased and returned 4 sets total, and this is my 5th, and I am finally happy. 2 JVCs had horrible color banding problems, and two Wegas had horrible geomerty problems, thankfully this third WEGA is almost perfect, I love the 16:9 compression, has to change the asp in the Service menu a little though because it was over squeezing the picture, but I love how easy it is to fix basically anything you want to on these TVs.

The picture quality is outstanding, and the build quality is much better then the two JVCs I took back, hell the plastic on the back of the JVCs was so thin it nearly pulled apart just picking it up, this set is solid though, I would definatly reccomend it just be ready to take it back if the geomerty isn’t right.


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