RDR-GX7 DVD Recorder


Price Paid: $800.00

Purchase at: Etronics.com

Multifacet DVD Writer (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW) capacity no DVD+R or DVD-RAM writable functionality. Able to interface with Satellite system flawlessly (Sony DP1) and use the Enhanced Programming Guide to schedule recordings. Erases DVD-R programs prior to finalization, which is great since you could use a DVD-R like a DVD-RW – just do not finalize the disk.

i-Link is great for DV recorders (works well with my Sony DV) but will not interface with Sony VAIO system to record a DVD off of the hard drive or the DVD drive.

This is my short term solution until I buy my CoCoon in Japan where the DVD Recorder, Harddrive and network capabilities are intertwined into one system. It is worth the value if you want to make all of your VCR tapes into DVDs (watch out for copy protected VCR tapes) and make your family DV tapes in to DVDs as well.

The picture quality and DVD menus are excellent and I would definitely recommend it if you are using a HD 200 or HD 300 receiver with HDTV – you will get EXCELLENT quality.


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