My New 36XBR450 & DVP NS700p


Price Paid: $1999

Purchase at: Audio King

The picture quality is scary; it jumps out at you.

Tweaking of all pre-set settings is required to get the best picture for your particular signal. It’s also heavy, but once the cables are hooked and you don’t plan to move it, who cares. I don’t like having to go into service mode, but at least it can be done.

I got both the Sony TV and Sony Prog Scan NS700P DVD player for $2129, so that made the TV a great bargin.

I bought the Thomasville Entertainment Center and it holds the set perfectly. //

The Progressive scan Sony NS700p player is awesome and I read reviews that compare it equally to $2000 DVD players. The output on the XBR is truely a sight to behold.

I have the XBR450 stand sill in the box, brand new, and will sell it for $100. Email me at I live in Minneapolis MN.

I’m about to go through the AVIA DVD to make some tweaks, however, I’ve been able to do suberb adjustments by using the basic settings. I did turn down the vertical modulation setting to low (on Pro) and off (on Standard) since lettering is affected by it.

After I make it through the AVIA settings, I’ll post another review.

Sweet work Sony!


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