Price Paid: $44.95

Purchase at: Officeworks

Hybrid sillicon tip design
EX driver for great sound
Easy to use cord winder prevents tangling

None noticed

Sony’s come out with a new series of EX earbuds-the EX33/35/36V-all have 9mm EX drivers and can be found for under $45.

In Australia Sony offers only the EX33 & EX35LP.

I purchased and am reviewing the latter.

The design of these are quite similar to the EX32LP-with a straight earpiece and a stem part at the back.

What makes these nice is the supplied tips are made using a new technique by Sony called “hybrid sillicon”-basically this refers to the outer part of the tips being made from softer sillicon, while the inner part is hard sillicon-enhancing the in-ear seal and wearing comfort.

The tip’s inner parts are color-coded-orange,green and light blue, which makes for easy selection.

Sizes supplied are:S,M,L with another size, SS being available as a separate purchase (smaller than S size).

I chose to use the L size.

I found the isolation to be very good-something Sony’s EX series does well and it sounds quite nice for my tastes.

Using these with a iPod gives great bass, with a Sony NW-S705F, it proved to sound excellent with the EX35LP’s.

It has got a good level of bass-which I like too.

Finally, there’s a handy plastic piece which you can wind the cord around to prevent tangling.


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