Price Paid: $449

Purchase at: Circuit City

Contrast, brightness, rich color

Shadowy blotches all over the screen (especially noticable in white or pale areas, and when the camera pans in a movie or TV program)
2 faint (worsens when brighter) pink vertical lines each side of the tube

Having changed about 8 different TVs due to some of the worst geometry, discoloration, and shadowing Ive ever seen, I got this tv from CC. Initially it looked great, but, then I tried watching the football (soccer) and UGH!@! blotchy dark spots and shadows all over the screen, worse when the colors stay the same on the screen, and when you camera moves. Really bad!! wouldnt have thought this from Sony.
I cant recommend this tv, as Im taking it back for a different one.
Probably get a toshiba


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