KV XBR 34 910


Price Paid: $2,500

Purchase at: Sony Style

This 910 model is incredible, especially the sound and the power.

I’m not sure about the different picture settings. I can’t figure out why the “movie” setting is so dark, so the only setting I use in the Pic Mode is standard, which seems to work pretty good.

I would recommend this 910 model for anyone who, like me, likes to be right on top of the tv. My lounger chair is only about 4 or 5 feet from the set. I have only Sony tv’s all my life, and other than a broken tuner on my former XBR 27 (whose sound was still awesome after 12 years), I have never had one actually completely break down on me. I love the picture on this XBR, but I still feel that the sound is the most incredible thing about this model. With about 30 “volume” lines, since I live in an apartment, I can only raise the volume up to about 5 or 6 lines at most.


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