Price Paid: $2000 (kiwi)

Purchase at:

Great picture, bright images with a high level of contrast with little distortions.

Heavy as hell to shift around ~55 kilos (120 pounds)!

The picture produced from this T.V is great. The Trinitron tube makes images bright and clear. The colour range from normal T.V images and DVD are very good, from the blackest of black to the brightest of whites, all colour is easily viewable.

The DRC technology used, fills in the blank scan lines that would be seen on other t.v’s by interpolating the original t.v image into image with 4 times more resolution. There are 2 modes, 1250 interlaced, and 1440 progressive. The progressive
most is my preferred mode as it give you no flicker in the image (no need for 100hz), and there is very little difference if any to use 1250 mode over progressive.

Sound is great, trusurround mode is good, volume range is excellent. I only really have it at max 15 out of 100!

picture in picture mode is good…

Basically, if you compare top of the line Panasonic to this T.V you can immediately see the difference.

Recently, the price in New Zealand dropped $1500 to $2000 is a good buy until LCD/Plasma screens become cheaper in next 5 years. I cannot justify paying anymore than this for a T.V with the DR-29 being the best image quality at this price range.


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