Price Paid: $1900

Purchase at: CostCo

Picture Clarity, Features, Flexibilty

Weight, Picture Clarity

Why Picture Clarity a weakness? Well, as you can see by other reviews, pretty much whatever signal you give this set, it will magnify it. I mean, a good signal gets great, a bad signal gets worse.

Out of the box this set worked great for me. When i got the TV home, I was a little discouraged at the snow from my cable and I was seeing some shadowing, I reterminated my cables (Buy good ones! I built my own) and that helped tremendously. I also have a signal booster on hand in case I need it. If you get a good signal from your cable provider this set is your best choice.

No geometry problems or discoloration that people are mentioning, although I was prepared for it.

Watching regular TV is good, Im still working on tweaking the signal, but love this television.

DVD picture is unmatched, no opinion on Sound since I turn off the speaker and run home theater sound system.

If you dont have the gumption or vehicle to haul this thing around buy it at a place that will take care of it for you. Costco will return/replace it, but its up to me to get it to the store, and drag home the new one. So far this one is perfect, its my cable signal that needs a little work.

Looses 1/2 a star because this TV is 39.1 inches wide, I wanted to put it in an Armoire, but most are only 38.5″ wide.

I did find one 41″ wide, but selection was… well one.

(Wife wasnt impressed with the Sony stand)

Make sure you know where/what your going to put this thing on, your options are limited.


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