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Purchase at: CC

Great picture
Big screen size

It’s HUGE and heavy


Standard cable:
I was expecting the worst, and I am pleasantly surprised. All I have is the bare bones, cord coming from the wall, directly into the set. Overall, it looks just fine. Some channels do look crappy, and some look very good. Sometimes the actual show will look bad, but the commercials look really clear on the same channel….go figure.
Obviously, it’s the same quality cable I’m used to from my old set, only the HD set really shows the limitations of the analog feed.
Sometimes in dark scenes or when people are wearing black clothes, it’s hard to see detail in the dark areas. I don’t know if this is normal for a Sony, or if this can be adjusted somewhere besides the Picture and Brightness user menu. Please post any comments about this if you know.
The 4 different display modes (vivid, standard, movie, pro) REALLY help since the quality varies from channel to channel.
The SD cable is not nearly as bad as some have claimed.

WOW, stunning!!! I have a progressive player hooked up, but I am letting the TV do the upscaling and using the player in interlace mode. It looks better by a small margin. (the progressive output made things look too dark). Movies are crystal clear, it’s a little trippy. You can sit *inches* from the screen and it’s still extremely crisp and clear.

HD signals:
I will have to come back to edit this section, I don’t have a HD source right now, but if it looks anything like the DVDs……….

Service Menu changes:
First off, it does looks really good right out of the box. I did go in and fix the red push (RYR to 13 (from 8), RYB to 15 (from 9), GYR to 5 (from 9), and GYB to 6 (from 6).

The geometry also looks good. The left side bottom ever-so-slighty slopes down. Hardly noticeable. I played around (carefully) in the geometry section, and it looks like I can correct this, but I am waiting for the Avia disk first before I make any saved changes.

Everything else:
The TV is BIG. It looks way bigger at home than in the store. If I squint, it looks like I have a fireplace. I thought I liked the 510 cabinet a little better, but I feel this new one is little bit more low-profile

There are a million inputs in the back (and 2 in th front). In the back: 2 component, 2 S-Video, 3 composite, 1 RF, 1 HDMI, 1 Audio Out, and 1 composite monitor out. Take your pick. (the front items are 1 composite and 1 S-Vid)
There is also a Control S for controlling other Sony components with the remote, but I’m that familiar with this feature. You can control your VCR, cable box and DVD player of any brand by programming the remote.

I think that’s all I have to say for the moment. If you can’t tell, I’m thrilled with this purchase, no regrets whatsoever.


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