Price Paid: $1599.00

Purchase at: Circuit City

16:9 Anamorphic Sqeeze

Great picture with digital cable

Very similar to XBR Features

$1000 less than XBR

Very Heavy

I traded in my 2 week old 36″ XBR for this set. Cable reception was horrendous on the XBR. My reception was so pixilated, I couldn’t stand to watch it. Since I had no plans to by an HDTV receiver or to hook up to a satellite, it just made sense to go to the analog model. After days of research regarding the pixil problem, many XBR owners recommended going to the KV-36FV27. DVD play equal to the XBR model. I’m not qualified to get into al the tech aspects of this set, so i’ll leave that to the pros. All that I know is that this set (in my opinion) for my situation, was a much better choice than the XBR.


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