Price Paid: $1399

Purchase at: CircuitCity

Beautiful colors, distinctive blacks and whites. Extremely sharp details.

Very heavy! It was worth paying Circuity City the extra $$$ having the set delivered.

The HD picture was fantastic watching the HD broadcasts of various NFL games. The colors were vibrant and the black-and-white stripes of the referee’s uniform were sharp and crisp. Anyone worried about LCD rear-projection TVs not having deep blacks should consider getting a regular tube TV like the KV-34HS420. I even watched a Sting concert on one of the HD channels and the set had no problems with the harsh side-lighting on the musicians.

If you don’t need the bells-and-whistles of the higher-end models the KV-34HS420 is for you! I subscribe to DirecTV (don’t use cable) and never use PIP so the extras on the more expensive sets would be a waste.

Of course, you should compare sets for yourself to see which you like best. I probably don’t have as discriminating tastes as others in this forum but for the average-Joe viewer like myself this one blew me away!

When it comes to TVs no one does it better than Sony…


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