Price Paid: $850(new)

Purchase at: Sears

This tv has the coolest picture in a picture i’ve ever seen.
Great sound (for tv speakers of course.)
The best looking picture you can get on an HD source.(without going plasma).

Slight pixlezation when scenes move.
Fuzzieness with anolog source.
16+9 verticle squeeze overated.

I got a great deal on this tv because the Samsung tv i had bought prior to this one the circiut board went out 2 days after purchase.I was going to get a refund and they threw a 1300 dollar tv at me for the 850 I paid for the Samjunk.If the bars on widescreen really bother you get a Hitachi widscreen,but remember with a widescreen people look fat and slightly distorted when on an 4:3 ratio, (just about every tv station currently broadcasting).Now you can put the widescreen on a 4:3 aspect ratio, but then you might worry about the bars on the sides that can eventually cause burn in,witch is not covered by a warranty or even a store bought extended warranty.So overall I dont think there is much better of a tv right now without forking out 5000 on a descent plasma.


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