Price Paid: $849.99

Purchase at: Sears

Great Picture
Very good Build Quality

Geometry Problems
Color Convergence Problems

Well I got this set home yesterday and I really wanted it to be perfect, and if not perfect then something I could fix myself in the Service Menu. Sadly though, the left side of the screen bowed upwards, and at the bow the reds pulled away from the other colors.
I searched hoplessly for an answer, so I wouldn’t have to lugg this 170lbs Beast back to the store.
And I found that my problem could only be fixed my a “qualified” service technician.

So I had to carry it back, though the picture was outstanding on the rest of the screen, especially in 16:9 mode.

I may still get another of the same TV though, since I have the stand for it (which they gave me free at Sears and didn’t take back 🙂 ) Wish they had had another in stock :(.


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